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Occasionally adding corroborative details to add verisimilitude to otherwise bald and unconvincing,
but veridicous accounts
with careful attention, indefatigable assiduity, and nice discrimination.

Some Books Bought in 2012

(An incomplete list.)

Margery Allingham
, Cargo of Eagles;
 ———,  My Friend Mr Campion and Other Mysteries.
Apuleius, The Golden Ass (trans. Jack Lindsay).
Denis Avey
, The Man Who Broke into Auschwitz.
Mike Ashley (ed.), Classical Whodunnits.
Andy Babiuk, Beatles Gear: All the Fab Four’s Instruments from Stage to Studio.
Stephen A. Barney, Word-Hoard: An Introduction to Old English Vocabulary.
Allison Hoover Bartlett
, The Man Who Loved Books Too Much.
Max Beerbohm, And Even Now;
 ———, The Works of Max Beerbohm.

Anthony Beevor, The Second W0rld War.
 Mark Billingham, The Burning Girl;
 ———, Good as Dead;
 ———, In the Dark;
 ———, Lazy Bones;
 ———, Sleepyhead.
Mark Blake, Pigs Might Fly: the Inside Story of Pink Floyd.
Richard Blake
, The Blood of Alexandria;
 ———, Conspiracies of Rome
———, The Sword of Damascus;
 ———, The Terror of Constantinople.
[for Edgar Box, see Gore Vidal.]
Leigh Brackett
, No Good from a Corpse.
Lewis Carroll
, Symbolic Logic.
Peter Cave, How to Think Like a Bat.
Howell D. Chickering Jr.
 (trans. & ed.), Beowulf: A Dual-Language Edition.
Cyril Connolly, The Unquiet Grave.
Lindsey Davis, The Accusers.
[for A.A. Fair, see Erle Stanley Gardner
Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Books.
Anthony Faulkes (ed.), A New Introduction to Old Norse, Part II: Reader.
Sarah Foot, Æthelstan: the First King of England.
Alan Dean Foster
, Bloodhype; 
 ———, The Candle of Distant Earth;
 ———, The End of the Matter; 
 ———, Exceptions to Reality.
 ———, Flinx’s Folly;
 ———, Flinx in Flux; 
 ———, Flinx Transcendent;
 ———, For Love of Mother-Not;
 ———, The Light-Years beneath My Feet; 
 ———, Lost and Found;
 ———, Mid-Flinx; 
 ———, Orphan Star;
 ———, Patrimony; 
 ———, Quofum;
 ———, Reunion; 
 ———, Running from the Deity; 
 ———, Sliding Scales;
 ———, The Tar-Aiym Krang;
 ———, Trouble Magnet.
Paul Fussell, Uniforms. 
Sean Gabb, The Churchill Memorandum. [see also Richard Blake] 
Erle Stanley Gardner
 [writing as A.A. Fair] An Axe to Grind; 
 ———, Top of the Heap.
Sue Grafton, V Is for Vengeance.
Ann Granger, Asking for Trouble;
 ———, Candle for a Corpse;
 ———, Mud, Muck and Dead Things;
———, Rack, Ruin and Murder;
———, Say it with Poison.

Robert Graves, Complete Short Stories;
 ———, Fairies and Fusiliers.
John J. Gross, The Rise and Fall of the Man of Letters.
Robert Harris
, Fear Index;
 ———, Imperium;
 ———, Lustrum. 
Robert A. Heinlein, Farmer in the Sky.
C. Walter Hodges, The Marsh King.
James P. Hogan, Mission to Minerva.
A.E. Housman, A Shropshire Lad and Other Poems.
Aldous Huxley
, Complete Essays: 1926-1930
Margaret Irwin, The Elizabeth Omnibus [Young Bess; Elizabeth, Captive Princess; Elizabeth and the Prince of Spain].
Rudyard Kipling
, Kim.
Bernard Knox, The Oldest Dead White European Males and Other Reflections on the Classics.
Ronald A. Knox
, The Viaduct Murder.
Akira Kurosawa (trans. Audie E. Bock), Something Like an Autobiography.
Mercedes Lackey, Arrows of the Queen
 ———, Brightly Burning;
 ———, By the Sword;
 ———, Exile’s Honor
 ———, Exile’s Valor;
 ———, Changes;
 ———, Foundation
 ———, Intrigues;
 ———, Redoubt;
 ———, Take a Thief;
 ———, Winds of Change.
 ———, Winds of Fate;
 ———, Winds of Fury.
Gypsy Rose Lee
, The G-String Murders.
C.S. Lewis: Letters to Children 
by C.S. Lewis
 ———, The Latin Letters of C.S. Lewis.

R.M. Liuzza (ed.), Old English Literature: Critical Essays.
Konrad Lorenz
, King Solomon’s Ring.
Nathan Lowell, Double Share;
 ———, Full Share;
 ———, Half Share; 
 ———, Quarter Share.
Lucian, Lucian’s A True Story 
(ed. Stephen Nimis
Jonathan Lynn
, Comedy Rules!
Fiona MacCarthy, The Last Pre-Raphaelite.
Neil MacGregor, Shakespeare’s Restless World.
Ben Macintyre
, Agent Zigzag;
 ———, For Your Eyes Only;
 ———, Josiah the Great: the True Story of the Man Who Would Be King;

 ———, The Last Word;
 ———, Operation Mincemeat.
Robert McCrum, Wodehouse: A Life. 
Colm McNamee, Robert Bruce: Our Most Valiant Prince, King and Lord.
Hilary Mantel, Wolf Hall.
Ngaio Marsh,  Hand in Glove and Dead Water and Death at the Dolphin.
J.C. Masterman
, The Double-Cross System.
Jeff A. Menges, Worlds of Enchantment.
Harold G. Moore
, We Were Soldiers Once … and Young.
James Morwood, The Oxford Grammar of Classical Greek
John Mortimer, The First Rumpole Omnibus.
Ronald L. Numbers
, Galileo Goes to Jail and Other Myths About Science and Religion.
A.D. Nuttall
, Shakespeare the Thinker.
George Orwell, Animal Farm;
 ———, Nineteen Eighty-four.
Eric Partridge
, Shakespeare’s Bawdy.
Régine Pernoud, Those Terrible Middle Ages!.
Justin Pollard, Alfred the Great.
Joseph Raymond
, Herodian Messiah.
J.K. Rowling, The Casual Vacancy.
Pablo de Santis, Voltaire’s Calligrapher.
Dorothy L. Sayers, Busman’s Honeymoon;
 ———, Clouds of Witness;
 ———, The Nine Tailors;
 ———, Striding Folly
 ———, Strong Poison;
 ———, The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club.
Dorothy L. Sayers & Robert Eustace, The Documents in the Case.
Ken Scott, Abbey Road to Ziggy Stardust.
Tom Scott
, Tales of King Robert the Bruce.
Stefán Karlsson
, The Icelandic Language.
Bram Stoker
, Dracula & Dracula’s Guest.
Rosemary Sutcliff, Beowulf;
 ———, Black Ships Before Troy;
 ———, The Capricorn Bracelet;
 ———, The Eagle of the Ninth;
 ———, The Lantern Bearers;
 ———, The Shining Company;
 ———, The Silver Branch;
 ———, Sword at Sunset.
Daniel Swift, Shakespeare’s Common Prayers: The Book of Common Prayer and the Elizabethan Age.
Stephan Talty
, Agent Garbo.
Gary Tillery
, Working Class Mystic.
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Children of Hurin;
 ———, Hobbitus Ille (trans. Mark Walker);
 ———, The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun;
 ———, Smith of Wootton Major & Farmer Giles of Ham;
 ———, Tales from the Perilous Realm.
Nigel Tranter, The Bruce Trilogy [The Steps to an Empty Throne; The Path of the Hero King; The Price of the King’s Peace]. 
Gore Vidal
, Clouds and Eclipses;
 ——— [writing as Edgar Box], Death before Bedtime;
 ——— [writing as Edgar Box], Death in the Fifth Position;
 ——— [writing as Edgar Box], Death Likes It Hot.
Lars Walker
, West Oversea.
T.H. White
, The Once and Future King. 
P.G. Wodehouse, The Adventures of Sally;
 ———, Aunts Aren’t Gentlemen;
 ———, Bachelors Anonymous;
 ———, Big Money
 ———, The Clicking of Cuthbert
 ———, Company for Henry;
 ———, The Crime Wave at Blandings;
 ———, Death at the Excelsior and Others;
 ———, Doctor Sally;
 ———, Full Moon;
 ———, The Gem Collector;
 ———, The Girl in Blue
 ———, The Head of Kay’s;
 ———, The Heart of a Goof;
 ———, Ice in the Bedroom;
 ———, Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit;
 ———, Jeeves in the Offing;
 ———, Joy in the Morning;
 ———, Laughing Gas
 ———, The Man Upstairs and Other Stories;  
 ———, Meet Mr Mulliner
 ———, Mike and Psmith;
 ———, Money for Nothing;
 ———, Mr Mulliner Speaking;
 ———, Much Obliged, Jeeves;
 ———, Mulliner Nights;
 ———, A Pelican at Blandings;
 ———, Piccadilly Jim;
 ———, A Prefect’s Uncle;
 ———, The Pothunters;
 ———, Ring for Jeeves;
 ———, Something Fresh;
 ———, Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves;
 ———, Sunset at Blandings;
 ———, The Swoop! or How Clarence Saved England;
 ———, Uncle Dynamite;
 ———, William Tell Told Again
Hans Zinsser, Rats, Lice and History.

some books bought in 2013;
some books bought in 2014.