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but veridicous accounts
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10 August, 2014

Defending Twitter (and Rhymed Haikus)

A Simple Solution
I have free advice
for those who don’t like Twitter:
give it a wide berth!

Stay away therefrom,
and give it just as much time
as you think it’s worth!

You’ll feel no loss, I
assure you, and its users
will notice no dearth:

everyone wins.
We have more important things
to address on Earth.*

* see a discussion at Catallaxy Files wherein, inter alia, I submitted these verses:

Limit characters

to one hundred and forty,

and yet still inform

effectively? Yes,

and it can be done using

some poetic norm.

A poster—Oh come on—has said 
that Twitter is better not read;
   thus critics have gibed
   at words circumscribed,

preferring the prolix instead.

The haiku’s a verse,
of seventeen syllables,

meaningful, but terse.

(The original

form had to contain a word

which is seasonal;

but the modern kind

can be very expressive

without that, I find.)

UPDATE Ia recapitulation:

Twitter:  “seven score
characters should suffice for
pithy points, no more”.

UPDATE II (11 August)an encapsulation:

The critics’ complaint?
brevity’s unfair constraint,
and what Twitter aint.