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19 January, 2013

Gillard’s End is Nigh

Finally, we can soon expect to see our duplicitous prime minister forced to provide proper answers to questions relating to her crooked past.  More details are forthcoming.
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UPDATE I (23 January)listen to “We will be OK, we are good enough to work out who’s done right and who’s done wrong”, wherein Michael Smith explains that he has “one hundred per cent confidence” that “the wheels are in motion” to bring the corrupt crooks of the AWU/Gillard-gate scandal to justice.

UPDATE II (24 January):  see “Police extend AWU slush fund inquiry”, by Mark Baker, in the SMH:
Victorian detectives have expanded their investigation into the purchase of a Fitzroy house with union slush fund money controlled by the disgraced former boyfriend of Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
A former legal secretary at law firm Slater & Gordon who handled conveyancing work on the purchase in 1993 is believed to have provided significant new information during an extensive interview with police earlier this month.
Part of the investigation is believed to involve a power of attorney document prepared and witnessed by Ms Gillard—then a salaried partner at Slater & Gordon—that her boyfriend and senior Australian Workers Union official Bruce Wilson used to buy the house in the name of union crony Ralph Blewitt[…] 
Olive Palmer, the legal secretary who managed the conveyancing work for the Fitzroy house purchase and a mortgage through a Slater & Gordon loan facility, met detectives in Melbourne earlier this month.
One of the investigating detectives later flew to Queensland and conducted interviews with Ms Palmer, formerly known as Olive Brosnahan, at her Sunshine Coast home.
The power of attorney document drafted and witnessed by Ms Gillard that Mr Wilson used to buy the Fitzroy property in Mr Blewitt’s name was dated February 4, 1993.
But a note in the conveyancing file handwritten by Ms Brosnahan and addressed to Ms Gillard on February 16 says: “We need P/A or certified copy”.
Mr Blewitt claimed last year that he had not seen the document prior to the auction and that Mr Wilson had later brought it to him for signature in Perth, where he was AWU state secretary.  […]
It is believed the Victorian fraud squad is also liaising with its counterpart in Western Australia.
UPDATE III (24 January)see Larry Pickering’s “Vic Police Close In on Gillard”, wherein he suggests that detectives are on the brink of laying charges in the AWU Wilson/Gillard fraud case” and “two major law firms should expect raids within days”; he quotes a “reliable source”:
“We expect to have this all wrapped up in a few weeks, hopefully no later than March, and there will be people charged.
“We are treating this matter extremely seriously and no stone will be unturned in ensuring the alleged culprits face justice.”

There was no indication given as to who would be charged but the level of urgency and thoroughness indicated to me (and I say indicated) there is little doubt Julia Gillard is viewed as a major player and very much a person of interest.
UPDATE IV (3 February)

UPDATE V (13 February):  Larry Pickering provides his tenth instalment of “Our Prime Minister Is a Crook (sometimes varied as “Is Our Prime Minister a Crook?”):
For the first time in Australia’s history we are now witnessing a sitting Prime Minister seeking re-election while under investigation by a major fraud squad.  The Left of the Press still shows no interest.  […]
A mountain of evidence involves central character Gillard and a comprehensive prima facie case will shortly be dumped on the desk of the Public Prosecutor.
Fraud squads do not react to innuendo, rumour or smear, only evidence and the diligence and confidence it has exhibited so far suggest charges are imminent.  […]
The Press insists, nonchalantly, that the Victorian Fraud Squad is boringly investigating a range of people.  That is incorrect.
Evidence has been taken from a range of people but there is only one person of interest, there is only one person a complaint has been levelled against, there is only one person under investigation, and that’s Julia Eileen Gillard.
The Fraud Squad has implied they are thrilled with their progress and hopes to have its case wrapped up in weeks. […]
I’m no detective but if I had the massive resources of a professional fraud squad and had interviewed all persons of interest and corroborating parties including past employees of Slater & Gordon, I would certainly feel confident I had sufficient evidence against Gillard to put her away for a lengthy period.
Whether that happen or not is problematic.  But Gillard is certainly under investigation right now and should resign.
If she is charged she will be forced to resign.  She is not a Craig Thomson who can rely on the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ principle.
She will not be permitted by her own party to sully the Office more than she already has.

07 January, 2013

Time to Revisit Predictions for 2012

Not astonishingly, professional “psychics” tend to believe the silly but scaremongering predictions of professional “climate scientists”.