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17 December, 2010

Miscellaneous Transcription, Nº 1

(from weaklylicks)
Transcript of a conversation in Sen. Brown’s office,
Thursday, 16 December, 2010:

Sen. Brown:  So, how do we respond to that bloody Bolt’s call* for Gillard to resign?  Some intimate that we pious and blameless folk are also somehow at fault.  It’s a slowly unfolding kettle of fish we could be opening up.
Sen. Milne:  We say, “No dams!”
Dr. Bandt:  We say, “It’s too early to say anything!”
Sen. Milne:  We say, “No pulp mill!”
Sen. Hanson-Young:  We say, “It’s time to have teddy bear.”
Sen. Milne:  We say, “Move on!” 
Sen. Brown:  Thank you, Christine.  Nameless advisers? 
Nameless Adviser 1:  We say, “So’s your mamma!”
Sen. Brown:  What? 
Sen. Nameless Adviser 2:  We say, “No, you resign!” 
Omnes:  Yes, yes!
Sen. Brown:  So, we agree that I wittily turn the tables by saying that Bolt should resign? 
Dr. Bandt:  Because he’s naughty. 
Nameless Adviser 1:  And his mamma
Sen. Milne:  No dams! 
Sen. Hanson-Young:  I t’ought I was a tapas bar, but I really was a cucumber.
Sen. Brown:  Right.  Thanks, people.  Bolt should resign.  That will set everything right.  Meeting adjourned.

* Following the latest deaths of people attempting to effect an illegal entry into Australia by boat, Andrew Bolt, a newspaper-columnist and blogger, called for the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, to resign.  He considers her the person most responsible for her incompetent Government’s ineffective but dangerous immigration policies, which have lured scores, if not hundreds, of people to watery deaths.
†  i.e., The Australian Greens.

UPDATE:  see also “Miscellaneous Transcriptions Nº 3 — the Balance of Power”.