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Occasionally adding corroborative details to add verisimilitude to otherwise bald and unconvincing,
but veridicous accounts
with careful attention, indefatigable assiduity, and nice discrimination.

Some Books Bought in 2013

(An incomplete list.)

Mortimer J. Adler, Some Questions about Language: A Theory of Human Discourse and Its Objects.
Richard Aldous, The Lion and the Unicorn: Gladstone vs Disraeli.
Armin Arnold (ed.), English Crime Stories.
Mike Ashley (ed.), The Mammoth Encyclopedia of Modern Crime Fiction.
Michael Barnes, A New Introduction to Old Norse: I Grammar.
Tim Barringer, Jason Rosenfeld, & Alison Smith (ed.), Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-garde
Tony Barrow, John, Paul, George, Ringo & Me: The Real Beatles Story.
Mavis Batey, Dilly: The Man Who Broke Enigmas.
Pierre Bayard, Who Killed Roger Ackroyd?: The Mystery Behind the Agatha Christie Mystery (trans. Carol Cosman). 
Anthony Berkeley, Trial and Error.
Mark Billingham, Bloodline;
 ———, Buried;
 ———, Lifeless;
 ———, Scaredy Cat.

Ellie Boswell,  Undercover Magic;
 ———, Secrets and Sorcery;
 ———, The Witch of Turlingham Academy.
Leo Bruce, Case for Sergeant Beef;
Case for Three Detectives;

 ———, Case without a Corpse;
 ———, Death of a Bovver Boy; 
 ———, Death of a Commuter;
 ———, Death on Allhallowe’en;
 ———, Death with Blue Ribbon;
 ———, Die All, Die Merrily;
 ———, Furious Old Women;
 ———, Nothing Like Blood.

James W. P. Campbell & [photographs by] Will Pryce, The Library: A World History.
Tom Carver, Where The Hell Have You Been?.

G.K. Chesterton, The Ballad of the White Horse;
 ———, The Defendant (ed. Dale Ahlquist);
 ———, The Everyman Chesterton (ed. Ian Ker);
 ———, Heretics.
Agatha Christie, The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side;
 ———, The Mysterious Affair at Styles;
 ———, The Mystery of the Blue Train;
 ———, One, Two, Buckle My Shoe;

 ———, Peril at End House;

 ———, Sleeping Murder;
 ———, While the Light Lasts;
 ———, Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?.
 Agatha Christie & Charles Osborne, Black Coffee;
  ———, Spider’s Web;
  ———, The Unexpected Guest.
Jon Cleary, Peter’s Pence.

Padraic Colum, The Children of Odin: Nordic Gods and Heroes.
John Cooper, The Queen’s Agent: Francis Walsingham at the Court of Elizabeth I

Kevin Crossley-Holland, The Anglo-Saxon World: An Anthology.
Brian Cummings (ed.), The Book of Common Prayer: The Texts of 1549, 1559, and 1662.

Will Cuppy, How to Tell Your Friends from the Apes
John Curran, Agatha Christie’s Secret Notebooks: Fifty Years of Mysteries in the Making.
C.J. Dennis, The Sentimental Bloke and Other Selected Verse.
Charles Dickens, Bleak House.
Angus Donald, King’s Man.
David Downing, Sealing Their Fate: The Twenty-two Days That Decided World War II.
Joanne Drayton, Ngaio Marsh: Her Life in Crime.
Gordon L. Fain, Ancient Greek Epigrams: Major Poets in Verse Translation
Anthony Faulkes, Poetical Inspiration in Old Norse and Old English Poetry.
Anthony Faulkes & Michael Barnes, A New Introduction to Old Norse: III Glossary and Index of Names.

Sebastian Faulks, Jeeves and the Wedding Bells.
Vince Flynn, American Assassin;
 ———, Kill Shot.
Mary H. Foster & Mabel H. Cummings (trans.), Asgard Stories: Tales from Norse Mythology.
George MacDonald Fraser, The Reavers.
Max Frei, The Stranger (trans. Polly Gannon).
R. Austin Freeman, The Penrose Mystery.
Roy Fuller, Owls and Artificers: Oxford Lectures on Poetry.
Erle Stanley Gardner, The D.A. Breaks a Seal.

David M. Glantz, Operation Barbarossa: Hitler’s Invasion of Russia 1941.

William Goldman, The Princess Bride.
Robert Graves, Homer’s Daughter and The Anger of Achilles.
Stephen Greenblatt, The Swerve: How the World Became Modern

Scott Gwara (ed.) & David W. Porter (trans.), Anglo-Saxon Conversations: The Colloquies of Ælfric Bata.
Victor Davis Hanson, The Savior Generals: How Five Great Commanders Saved Wars That Were Lost – from Ancient Greece to Iraq.
Cyril Hare, Tragedy at Law;
 ———, An Untimely Death;
 ———, When the Wind Blows.
Thomas Harris, Red Dragon.

Daisy Hay, Young Romantics: The Shelleys, Byron and Other Tangled Lives.
Gilbert Highet, The Classical Tradition: Greek and Roman Influences on Western Literature.
Richard Hillary, The Last Enemy.
Geoffrey Hindley, A Brief History of the Anglo-Saxons 
R.A. Houston, Literacy in Early Modern Europe: Culture and Education 1500–1800.
Francis Iles, Before the Fact
 ———, Malice Aforethought.
Michael Innes, Hamlet, Revenge!.
Ashley Jackson, Churchill.
Paul Johnson, Napoleon.
Trudi Kantor, Some Girls, Some Hats and Hitler: a Love Story.

H.R.F. Keating, The Perfect Murder.
Bruce King, Robert Graves: A Biography
Edmund V. Knox, The Brazen Lyre.
Mercedes Lackey, Bastion;

 ———, Storm Breaking;
 ———, Storm Rising;
 ———, Storm Warning.
Jerry Langton, Rat: How the World’s Most Notorious Rodent Clawed Its Way to the Top.
Ryan Lavelle, Aethelred II: King of the English

C.S. Lewis, The Complete C.S. Lewis Signature Classics [Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce, The Problem of Pain, Miracles, A Grief Observed & The Abolition of Man].
Mary S. Lovell, The Churchills: A Family at the Heart of History – from the Duke of Marlborough to Winston Churchill.

Deborah Lutz, Pleasure Bound: Victorian Sex Rebels and the New Eroticism.
Helen MacBeth (ed.), Food Preferences and Taste: Continuity and Change.

Ben Macintyre
, Double Cross: The True Story of the D-Day Spies.
Leo McKinstry, Hurricane: Victor of the Battle of Britain;
 ———, Lancaster: The Second World War’s Greatest Bomber;
 ———, Spitfire: Portrait of a Legend.

Julian Maclaren-Ross, Bitten by the Tarantula and Other Writings.
Fitzroy Maclean, Eastern Approaches.
Andy McNab, The Grey Man.

Bryan Magee, Aspects of Wagner.
Paul Maliszewski, Fakers: Hoaxers, Con Artists, Counterfeiters and Other Great Pretenders.
George Martin & Jeremy Hornsby, All You Need Is Ears. 

Bruce Mitchell, An Invitation to Old English and Anglo-Saxon England.
Tim Mowl, Palladian Bridges: Prior Park and the Whig Connection
N.T.P. Murphy, In Search of Blandings.
Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings [&] Yagyū Munenori, The Book of Family Traditions on the Art of War (trans. Thomas Cleary).
Eric Newby, Love and War in the Apennines;
 ———, Something Wholesale: My Life and Times in the Rag Trade.
Dag Norberg, An Introduction to the Study of Medieval Latin Versification (trans. Grant C. Roti & Jacqueline de La Chapelle Skubly; ed. Jan M. Ziolkowski).
Laurence O’Bryan, The Istanbul Puzzle.  
Frances Osborne, The Bolter.

Andrea Palladio, The Four Books of Architecture, ed. Isaac Ware.
Robert B. Parker, The Godwulf Manuscript.
Iain Pears, An Instance of the Fingerpost.

Ellis Peters, Dead Man’s Ransom;
 ———, The Devil’s Novice;
 ———, The Leper of Saint Giles;

 ———, A Morbid Taste for Bones;
 ———, One Corpse Too Many; 
 ———, Saint Peter’s Fair;
 ———, The Virgin in the Ice.
Raymond Postgate, The Verdict of Twelve.
Leah Price, How to Do Things with Books in Victorian Britain;
 ——— (ed.), Unpacking My Library: Writers and Their Books. 
Ellery Queen, The Fourth Side of the Triangle.
Tom Reiss, Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal and the Real Count of Monte Cristo.
Mary Renault, The Charioteer.
Peter Rex, 1066: A New History of the Norman Conquest; 

 ———, A Brief History of the Anglo-Saxons;
 ———, King and Saint: The Life of Edward the Confessor.

Amy Richlin, The Garden of Priapus: Sexuality and Aggression in Roman Humor.
Andrew Roberts (ed.), Great Commanders of the Ancient World.

William Rosen, Justinian’s Flea: The First Great Plague and the End of the Roman Empire.
Margaret Clunies Ross, A History of Old Norse Poetry and Poetics.
James Runcie, Sidney Chambers and the Perils of the Night;

 ———, Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death
Witold Rybczynski, One Good Turn: A Natural History of the Screwdriver and the Screw.
 ———, The Perfect House: A Journey with the Renaissance Master Andrea Palladio.
Dorothy L. Sayers, Are Women Human?;
 ———, Gaudy Night;
 ———, Have His Carcase;
 ———, Strong Poison.
Robert Sellers, Very Naughty Boys: The Amazing True Story of HandMade Films.
Leo Simpson, The Peacock Papers.
Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöö, The Abominable Man (trans. Thomas Teal);
 ———, Cop Killer (trans. Thomas Teal);
 ———, The Fire Engine That Disappeared (trans. Joan Tate);
 ———, The Laughing Policeman (trans. Alan Blair);

 ———, The Locked Room (trans. Paul Britten Austin);
 ———, The Man on the Balcony (trans. Alan Blair);
 ———, The Man Who Went Up in Smoke (trans. Joan Tate);
 ———, Murder at the Savoy (trans. Joan Tate);
 ———, Roseanna (trans. Lois Roth).
Snorri Sturlason, Edda (trans. & ed. Anthony Faulkes).
Marrion Harry Spielmann, Millais: A Sketch [&] John Everett Millais, Thoughts on Our Art of Today.
Stefán Einarsson, Icelandic: Grammar Texts Glossary.

Sanford Sternlicht, C.S. Forester and the Hornblower Saga
Rex Stout, And Four to Go;
 ———, Black Orchids;

 ———, Death of a Doxy. 
Henry Sweet, A Second Anglo-Saxon Reader: Archaic and Dialectical (rev. T.F. Hoad);
 ———, The Student’s Dictionary of Anglo-Saxon.
Julian Symonds, Bloody Murder: from the Detective Story to the Crime Novel.
Stephan Talty, The Illustrious Dead: The Terrifying Story of How Typhus Killed Napoleon’s Greatest Army.
Josephine Tey, Miss Pym Disposes.

Albius Tibullus, Elegies (trans. A.M. Juster).
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien (ed. Humphrey Carpenter);
 ——— (trans.), Sir Gawain and the Green Knight [&] Pearl and Orfeo.
Guy M. Townsend (ed.), The Mystery Fancier 9, 4 (September/October, 1987).
Anthony Trollope, Barchester Towers;
———, Doctor Thorne;
———, Framley Parsonage;
———, The Last Chronicle of Barset;
———, The Small House at Allington;
———, The Warden.

Malcolm J. Turnbull, Elusion Aforethought: The Life and Writing of Anthony Berkeley Cox.
Jill Paton Walsh, The Attenbury Emeralds.

Jill Paton Walsh & Dorothy L. Sayers, A Presumption of Death.

Jo Walton, Farthing Frionia E. Wissman, Bouguereau.
P.G. Wodehouse, Barmy in Wonderland;
 ———, The Complete Lyrics of P.G. Wodehouse (ed. Barry Pain);
 ———, A Damsel in Distress;
 ———, Galahad at Blandings;
 ———, If I Were You;
 ———, Indiscretions of Archie;
 ———, Kid Brady Stories and A Man of Means (with C.H. Bovill);
 ———, A Life in Letters (ed. Sophie Ratcliffe);
 ———, The Luck of the Bodkins;
 ———, Mike and Psmith;
 ———, My Man Jeeves
 ———, Something Fishy;
 ———, Spring Fever;
 ———, Uncle Fred in the Springtime;
 ———, The White Feather.

Blair Worden, The English Civil Wars: 1640 – 1660.
Chris Wright (ed.), English Hexapla: The Gospel of St. John.
Manfred Wundram, Thomas Pape [& photographs by] Paulo Marton, Andrea Palladio: 1508-1580: Architect between the Renaissance and Baroque.

some books bought in 2012;
some books bought in 2014.

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