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02 September, 2011

Tony Windsor’s Support for Incompetents

Keeping the Bastards Dishonest 

Tony Windsor says the
Government is going well.
Of course he’d say that.

“Give this mob a go,”
he shouts, “it’s democracy!”
He talks through his hat—

and by “hat” I mean
something else—, for Windsor has
the brains of a gnat.

Gillard’s rabble is,
as even he’d know, the worst
as has ever sat;

but, by supporting
Gillard, he shews the ethics
of an outhouse rat.

Whilst ordinary
folk grow leaner and poorer,
Windsor waxes fat.

Effectively, the
bastard is saying, “Stuff the

“Just give us more time.
We are doing really well!”
Of course he’d say that.

Wherefore Does Windsor Want to Wait? 

He’s only in it
for the pension: he cannot
be a diplomat.

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