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16 September, 2011

Try Stopping This, Conroy, You Totalitarian Moron

to Senator the Hon. Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy:

My websites and my ’blogs are all based overseas.  Do you think that, by enacting licensing requirements for Australian media, you can stop my describing you, on various websites, as a witless, corrupt, incompetent, fascistic, widdiful moron, whenever you speak or act like a witless, corrupt, incompetent, fascistic, widdiful moron?
Think again, fool.

(See also Rara Temporum.) 

UPDATE I:  see Michael Connor, at Quadrant Online, on “Stamping out freedom”:
The free press, an unlicensed press, is one of the oldest of Australia’s freedoms.
If the Gillard government attempts to licen
[s]e the media it will be an act of tyranny that has no place in our democracy.  In the 1820s and 1830s colonists fought government imposed controls by reminding everyone that they were British and had British rights.  Ms Gillard, and the government of despair she directs, might like to remember that we are Australians and our birthright is freedom.  [...]
This is a government that has completely lost its way.
UPDATE II (17 September):  see also TWAKI’s “20 ways the left is silencing dissent”.

UPDATE III (7 Deember):  Sen. Conroy, it seems, is a sooky wuss who blubs over spoiled milk; see Tim Blair’s “Crying over nuked milk” and Andrew Bolt’s “Conroy’s tears will not wash away the facts”.

“My family had no milk, for a month, five years before I was born!  Waah!

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Jazza said...

Will nobody rid us of this female tyrant and her minions so we can live freely again?