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Occasionally adding corroborative details to add verisimilitude to otherwise bald and unconvincing,
but veridicous accounts
with careful attention, indefatigable assiduity, and nice discrimination.

Some Books Bought in 2019

(An incomplete list.)

David W. Anthony, The Horse, the Wheel, and Language: How Bronze-Age Riders from the Eurasian Steppes Shaped the Modern World.
Ernle Bradford, Hannibal.
Edmund Crispin, Beware of the Trains;
 ———, The Glimpses of the Moon.
A.A. Fair, Spill the Jackpot.
Robert Graves, Occupation: Writer;
 ———, The Siege and Fall of Troy.

Homer, The Iliad (trans. Robert Fitzgerald);
 ———, The Iliad (trans. Richmond Lattimore);
 ———, The Odyssey (trans. Robert Fitzgerald);
 ———, The Odyssey (trans. T.E. Lawrence);
 ———, The Odyssey (trans. Barry B. Powell).
Donald James, Walking the Shadows
Faye Kellerman, Blindman’s Bluff;
 ———, The Ritual Bath;
 ———, Straight Into Darkness.
Mercedes Lackey, Closer to the Chest;
 ———, Closer to the Heart.
J.E. Macdonnell, Away Boarders;
 ———, Behemoth;
 ———, The Betrayal;
 ———, The Blind Eye;
 ———, The Brood of the Eagle;
 ———, The Buffer;
 ———, The Captain;
 ———, The Challenge;
 ———, Clear for Action;
 ———, Convoy;
 ———, The Coxswain;
 ———, The First Lieutenant;
 ———, Find and Destroy;
 ———, Flotilla Leader;
 ———, Full Fathom Five;
 ———, Killer Ship;
 ———, The Misfit;
 ———, Not Under Command;
 ———, The Surgeon.
Steve Martini, The Attorney.
James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge, The Quickie.
Barry B. Powell, Homer.
Rex Stout, Some Buried Caesar.
P.G. Wodehouse, Much Obliged, Jeeves;
 ———, The Parrot and Other Poems.

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