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20 September, 2011

The President’s New Plan

Hope and Change Revisited 

Obama’s new plan
is just like the last one; but,
weirdly, he expects

that he’ll be The Man
whom, henceforth, each fair voter
and straw-man respects.

This is stranger than
fiction:  he seems to have the
mindset of those sects

which would liefer ban
congress, for he’s dumbfounded

when Congress rejects

each stupid “We Can”
proposal wherein folly
though vice intersects.

Obama’s new plan
just like the last one, and
with the same effects. 

A Topic of Debate 

Is the president
evil or stupid?  That’s the
question of the day.

The answer, surely,
is both:  Obama is a
wicked fool, I’d say.

More on the One

You’re just a racist!
He’s really intelligent!

Can you prove that claim?

See, apart from his
being able to read a
speech wherein he’ll blame

history, Bush, and
straw-men for his failures, his
smartness is the same

as the reputed
grace and charm of his wife:  not

according to fame.

If he were clever
he’d make achievable goals
his primary aim

instead of trying
to lower the handicap
of his outdoor game.

No, the US now

is led by a crooked clown,
and that’s a real shame.

(See also “The Con-Artist in Chief”.)

the First Lady of grace and charm

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