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22 September, 2011

The Loathing of Julia Gillard

It’s Misogyny 

It’s only because she’s a woman
that people hate Julia so;
it’s only because she’s a woman
her government’s polling is low;
it’s only because she’s a woman,
the party and members concur:
it’s only because she’s a woman
that people are beastly to her.

It’s not that she lies to the people
and many don’t like the deceit;
it’s not that she just cannot govern
except for her party’s élite;
it’s not all the profligate spending
or her hypocritical ways
and not that she is incompetent
though getting the media’s praise;
it’s not that she reasons so poorly,
and constantly causes much woe—
it’s only because she’s a woman
that people hate Julia so.

It’s not that she has a proposal
for taxing the air we exhale
in order “to stop global warming”,
all based on some fools’ fairy tale;
it’s not that she sounds like a nanny
when she has some new guff to sell;
it’s not that her party is rotten,
and voters have noticed the smell;
it’s not that polling has proven a
majority want her to go—
it’s only because she’s a woman
that people hate Julia so.

See also: “(Vote for Her for) She’s a Woman”.

Our gracious Prime Minister teaching her Foreign Minister diplomacy


bh said...

A great poem, Deadman. And true too.

Mark Bolton said...

I am a bit shocked by this pic !! It is genuine - surely not? If Abbot gave someone the bird we would never hear the end of it.

Good poem too !

Mark Bolton said...

P.S. Nah course it isn't. I found the original and when blown up you can see the photoshopping. Amusing though.

Deadman said...

The picture, however, is poetically true.