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31 August, 2011

Principium Exitus

A Contest and a Question

The red queen often
demanded, “off with their heads!”
Her shouting fooled none.

Andrew Bolt returns
to his political posts.
Gillard is now done:

her days are numbered
in the low digits.  It’s all
over bar the fun

of estimating
who’ll next lead the ALP.
The betting’s begun

already, but some
of the smarter contestants
would rather not run.

After all, if you
were a Labor frontbencher,
would you be the one

to choose to lead such
nocturnal denizens for
a day in the sun? 

UPDATE I (3 September)The PM Protests

“I’m not going anywhere,” Gillard said,
for she’s “the best person to do this job,”
and she’ll “continue to do it; and what

this job is about:  leading the nation
to a better future.”  How great the red
leader was at yelling out “shut your gob,”
and “don’t talk crap,” but now the going’s hot
she can’t hide her maladministration.
Her Government now is as good as dead
and, however much she might shout or sob,
she’s doomed to leave in disgrace; but not
before time.  Soon comes the celebration.

UPDATE  II (18 September):  see Prof. Bunyip’s “The Hospice Vigil”.

UPDATE  III (27 April, 2013):  “her days are numbered in the low digits”, I own, was laughably wrong.

Voters continue
to support a lying crook
whom they ought to shun. 

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