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07 August, 2011

Flannery Fears Conservatives

The Foolish Flamster Gets into the Act

Lamentable news:
the Norwegian massacre
was indeed chilling,

but unparalleled?
Who says that should read sagas,
full of much killing.

Tim Flannery keeps
his beach-home secret, he says,
lest someone slay him,*

though you can find his
large home rather easily. 
He really is dim.

*  See “Do as I say, not as I do: Flannery’s all at sea”, by Ean Higgins of The Australian, “While his place was, he admitted, ‘very close to the water’, the issue was how far it was above the water—something Professor Flannery would not reveal because, he said, it could help identify the location and subject him to a Norway-style attack by conservatives.”  See also “Prof Tim Flannery’s waterside getaway”, at The Daily Telegraph, “According to his Coba Point neighbours, Professor Flannery’s home is the largest property on the remote point and is a only few steps from the water.”  Pedro the Ignorant writes, “Coba Point on Berowra Creek at -33.542199, 151.143701”.  Elsewhere, I discuss Flannery’s Bias.

UPDATE I (24 November):  hear Ray Hadley’s response to Flannery’s mendacious claims that an on-air call to Hadley’s program was a set-up; David (the caller in question) himself calls to confirm he does not work for Hadley.  See bingbing’s summary of the recent controversy.
Clearly, the silly professor takes subjective, post-modern science to its logical and absurd conclusion, and redefines reality and history as well as science to match his increasingly irrational, ideological beliefs.  This should surprise no-one who has ever heard, first, any of his wonky predictions, and then any of his self-serving rationalisations explaining that any previous prediction, though recorded on various media, was misinterpreted, was only contingent, was about something else entirely, and was actually astonishingly accurate.

Tim’s out on a limb

If the sly scammer,
want a fight, then he’ll have one,
and with quite some vim.

“A low bastard” is
how Ray Hadley refers to
the fraudulent Tim.

He’s right: Flannery
really is a git; he dupes
fools with guff that’s grim

but based on lies and
a fraudulent conjecture.
He’s full to the brim.

Let us see the cheat
in court.  I’m sure he’d get
a well-deserved trim

for the professor
does not represent science
but its antonym.

UPDATE II (25 November)Ray Hadley does not expect an apology from Crikey and Flannery.

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