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04 August, 2011

Even Sillier Farrelly

Common Place Thoughts 

Sydney, of late, shook
Elizabeth Farrelly*
by its stunning lack

of the sort of nook

bestowing fecundity
on a witless hack.


she sledges Murdoch (and News)
in a fit of pique,

and pretentiously
exhibits trite, hackneyed views

which she thinks unique.

*  The catachrestic Farrelly writes (inter alia stulta), “these soft, sky-high days make me crave champagne and, with it, some lovely eyrie in which to sip the meretricious bubble.  [In Sydney, however, there is] an astonishing lack of culture-made crannies that are just exuberating places to be.”  Sydney’s common places are too common, seemingly.  Exuberare in Latin, you may remember, means “to grow abundantly” or “to be fruitful”.  The meretricious and bubbly Farrelly concludes that her piece is “about wanting Australianness to look more like Assange than Murdoch.”  Julian Assange is an alleged journalist, currently attempting to avoid being prosecuted for sexual assault, who publishes secret documents of people and organisations whilst strenuously affirming his own right to complete privacy; Rupert Murdoch is a media tycoon, recently humbled by appearing before the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee of the British House of Commons.  These verses were submitted earlier as a comment on Bunyipitude’s “Bubbles on the Brain”.  See also “If it doesn’t hurt, it won’t work”.

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