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08 August, 2011

Heeding Vegetation

Sunt ergo cogitant

Potatoes have eyes,
the sweet corn have ears and the
cabbages have heads,

and many flowers,
according to widespread fame,
have a lovely nose;

so we might conclude
that our vegetations have
senses in the beds

and each nursery
nurses some deep, silent thoughts
as weary drupes doze.

Trees, we know, whisper
and brooks babble or murmur—
doubtless of their dreads—

and they who study
‘climate science’ must listen
to plants*, I suppose.

*  but not to those plants, such as power generators, which contribute most to our comforts and progress.  See Tim Blair’s “Speak Up”.  Brian Rosborough, according to SMH, said, “Coastal vegetation and oceans which account for 55% of all the carbon captured in the world should be a part of the climate change conversation”.

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