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28 February, 2012

Unfit to Lead

 “fingebant simul credebantque.”
—Cornelius Tacitus, Annales, V, 10.*

She Cannot Help Lying 

The PM’s trying
to speak the truth this once, but
she can’t help lying.

Her predecessor
would utter silly fictions
though his are lesser

because he’s rooted;
he tried to claw back power
but he was booted

to the back-bench.  Now
the PM wants to gain the
public’s trust, but how?

It is no surprise
that even her own people
don’t accept her lies.

Her revelation,
that the East Asia Summit
was Rudd’s creation

and the G-20
meeting was proposed by him?
Deception!  Plenty

more of her deceits
are yet to be exposed, but
“global warming” beats

all the rest.  That hoax
is still being extolled by
her as good for folks;

in truth, though, her sham
“climate-change” action is a
great, fraudulent scam.

Even in her bed
Gillard can’t lie straight; none can
trust a word she’s said.

We can’t believe her,
and need a poll to dislodge
this arch-deceiver. 

She may be trying
to be nice about Rudd, but
she can’t help lying.

In the House of Representatives yesterday, our beloved but unprincipled, mendacious, untruthful, treacherous, devious, untrustworthy Prime Minister eulogised the man who, but days earlier, she had exposed as a treacherous, incompetent bully:
“The member for Griffith has served this nation as Minister for Foreign Affairs with distinction, following many of the initiatives in foreign policy that he entered into for this nation when Prime Minister.  Amongst those major achievements include the creation of the G-20—because of how important it was for our nation to be at the top table when the world came together to manage the global financial crisis—and include the work he did to see the creation of the East Asia Summit  [...].”
The first meeting of the G-20 was held on 15 and 16 December, 1999 in Berlin.  The G-20 was proposed by former Canadian Finance Minister Paul Martin; see “Eight is not enough at summit”, by Thomas Axworthy, in The Star of 8 June, 2007:
Canada was once at the forefront of creating international institutions and Paul Martin has continued that tradition by advocating a G-20.  [The former German chancellor, Helmut] Schmidt, the 89-year-old Schmidt has now added his weighty voice to this call.
The first East Asia Summit was held on 14 December, 2005 in Kuala Lumpur.
Kevin Rudd served as Minister for Foreign Affairs from 14 September, 2010 to 22 February, 2012.  He had no hand in creating the G-20, and he did not help establish the East Asia Summit of foreign ministers.

Veritas Vos Liberabit

I don’t care what side 
of politics you’re on, but
they are wrong who lied.

We’ve all heard enough
phony spin.  We cannot trust
those who fake their stuff.

It’s simple:  when you
have to lie, then your claims must

be perforce untrue.

Honest folk delight
in speaking truth—it’s clear-cut;
facts are ever right.

“they feigned and at once believed [referring to the rumoured return of Drusus, the son of Germanicus].”

As soon as unwise
folk fabricate fictions they
believe their own lies.

†  The official residence of the Australian Prime Minister in Canberra is “The Lodge”.

UPDATE (1 March):  see “The PM Lied”.

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