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23 February, 2012

Not an Incredible Car

In an advertisement on television for the Honda Jazz, I learn the automobile is “incredibly versatile and incredible value”.  Well, I don’t believe that.  It’s a car which, though able to take me from one place to another in modest comfort rather believably, does not check my mail for me or tune my guitars or pay the bills or prepare delicious meals or explain the mechanisms of pelagic warming or make the silly protestations of our current prime minister listenable.  As for the value, if instead of being required to fork out out nearly eighteen grand for the car I had to hand over a cardboard box containing old, decrepit socks, whereupon I then received as a bonus a voucher for unlimited free petrol and a certificate granting me and my heirs perpetual possession of all the rhodium in the known universe, that would be approaching incredible value.

credibly versatile and credible value

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