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01 March, 2012

The PM Lied

Julia Abstrahenda’st 

Across this land’s wide
expanse, people are aware
that the PM lied.

At sea, scores have died
seeking unlawful entry
since the PM lied.

She could not abide
Rudd but extolled him none the
less; the PM lied.

Then she justified
her acts: Rudd was really bad;
so the PM lied.

The self-satisfied
members of caucus praise her
though the PM lied.

Gillard has denied*
that she sought to appoint Carr,
but the PM lied.

There’s a great divide
between her words and the truth
for the PM lied.

Is she qualified
now to be Prime Minister?
No; the PM lied.

*  see “Bob Carr at odds with Julia Gillard on ministry bid”, by Matthew Franklin and Dennis Shanahan, in The Australian:
Former NSW premier Bob Carr has directly contradicted Julia Gillard’s denial that he was offered the post of foreign minister in her government this week.  The Prime Minister’s handling of the disclosure of Labor's attempt to draft Mr Carr has sparked fresh concerns among colleagues about her political judgment.
The concerns emerged last night after Ms Gillard attacked as “completely untrue” a report in The Australian yesterday detailing the government's offer to Mr Carr—despite the fact Mr Carr had publicly confirmed the offer had been made.
See also “Unfit to Lead”. 

UPDATE (2 March):  see “Julia Gillard admits talks to lure Bob Carr”, by Matthew Franklin and Sid Maher, in The Australian:
Julia Gillard has confirmed she held talks with former NSW premier Bob Carr over drafting him to serve in her government, sparking fresh opposition attacks on her honesty and political judgment.
The Prime Minister has backed away from her claim that a report in The Australian on Wednesday revealing her dealings with Mr Carr was “completely untrue”, after being challenged by the opposition to repeat her claim in parliament.

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