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30 May, 2011

Let Them Eat More Dirt

You must say Yes
Cate and Julia* address
the people, “You must say ‘yes’!
   “This country makes pollution
      far more than any nation;
   we’ll grant you absolution
      by means of more taxation.”

   On their proposed solution,
      upon examination
      I’ll give an affirmation;
I’ll agree with readiness
to a plan to fix their mess: 
   instead of revolution,
   a double dissolution.

*  Cate Blanchett, an actress (i.e., a woman who lies by vocation), and Hon. Julia Gillard, a prime minister (and someone who lies by conviction), both support a new tax on carbon dioxide.  Both women seek to persuade the people of Australia that impoverishing themselves, whilst ruining the economy, society and, mayhap, even civilisation itself, would be a Good Thing:  Blanchett does this by participating in an advertisement which lies about the advantages of a carbon-dioxide tax, and the Prime Minister does this, inter alia, by supplying a newspaper article wherein she provides over a dozen lies.  Gillard lies, for example, by insisting, “we [Australia] are the highest carbon polluter per person in the developed world.”
†  i.e., emits carbon dioxide, that beneficent gas, essential to plants and therefore essential to human beings.
‡  a double dissolution is the constitutional mechanism (§ 57 of the Australian Constitution) whereby both houses of federal Parliament, the Senate and the House of Representatives, are dissolved simultaneously, and the Governor-General issues writs for an election wherein every seat in the Parliament is contested.

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