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06 May, 2011

Miscellaneous Transcriptions, Nº 2 – the Decisive President

(from weaklylips)
Transcript of a conversation in the Oval Office, 
Tuesday, 28 April, 2011:

Senior Adviser 1:  Here, Mr. President, are three options wherewith we can terminate or capture Osama bin Laden, but we do not advocate either Option One or Three. May I assume that you have no need to read them? 
Pres. ObamaQuite right; I was elected to lead, not to read! I choose Number One.
Senior Adviser 2:  Mr. President, Option One involves seeking the participation of the Pakistanis; but, since we suspect that some very senior figures in the Military and Government have been helping to hide OBL for years, we included that option only to allow the appearance of your making a choice.
Pres. Obama:  All right then, Number Three! 
Senior Adviser 1:  Mr. President, we don’t recommend the third option.  Option Three involves our bombing the compound wherein Obama— 
Senior Adviser 2:   Osama— 
Senior Adviser 1:   sorry, wherein Osama, dwells, and there is no way of knowing for certain afterwards that we have killed Obama, sorry, Mr. President, I mean Osama—gee, I’m always making that slip, for some strange reason—anyway, with all the destruction effected by a successful bombing mission, we’d likely have no firm proof of having killed Obama, um, of having killed bin Laden, I mean. Plus, he could yet escape. Furthermore, we could kill dozens or scores of civilians unnecessarily.
Pres. Obama:  Four, then!
Senior Adviser 2:  Mr. President, there is no Option Four. Halve it. 
Pres. Obama:  Five!
Senior Adviser 1:  No Five. 
Pres. Obama:   One!

Senior Adviser 2Add one—
Pres. Obama:  Two? 
Senior Adviser 1:  As you wish, Mr. President. We thank you for your wise and unparalleled leadership. 
Senior Adviser 2:   Oh, one final clarification, Mr. President. Option Two sends an assault team of SEALs to “kill or capture” OBL: do we emphasise kill or capture? 
Pres. Obama:  Um—

[Minutes pass.]

Pres. ObamaI’m inclined to say, Yes.  Or, rather, No.  Actually, Yes. 
Senior Adviser 1:  Ah, right. Yes, it is.  Thank you, Mr. President.


Jazza said...

Very witty

Sadly there is a story about that shows Clinton had the balls not OBie!

Then there is the talk the timing of the "seals surge" was all about the next run at Presidency or a second term for the OBies.

Will the surge in " satisfied" , at the last poll,for OBie's performance as POTUS last??

RebeccaH said...

Unfotunately, this is very close to the bone.