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22 November, 2012

“Both Sides Should Be Condemned”

Jew-haters—sorry, I mean anti-zionists—in recent days have been falling over themselves in their rush to condemn Israel’s defence forces as having been just as wicked as those jihadists who fire rockets indiscriminately into Israel in the hope of murdering innocent civilians and causing terror thereby.  Furthermore, the Israelis are, unfairly, rather better than the Palestinians at aiming rockets at armed enemies, and this leads many to decry Israel’s “disproportionate”—i.e., more effective—response.  In a world wherein every schoolchild should receive some praise and a trophy just for competing in a sport, and wherein it’s unfair to keep a count of goals or points scored, lest even one child who isn’t very good at playing a particular sport think for one moment that he or she isn’t very good at playing that particular sport, being better at fighting enemies and defending civilians does smack a little of élitism.
Many people who would never stoop to treating Israel fairly claim that they defend Hamas, and Palestinian terrorists in general, from egalitarian principles; and many of these fair-minded critics of Israel proclaim that Israel is just as much to blame as Hamas (if not more so).  One comment, from “Mr Jordon”, on Andrew Bolt’s “Guilty anyway, suggests Fairfax reporter”, was typical of this current notion:
The fact is both sides are committing atrocities. And both side [sic] should be condemned.
How equitable!  If by “atrocities” the poster meant “acts—whether mischievously aggressive or carefully defensive—which result in deaths”, then, yes, both the forces of Hamas and the IDF have indeed committed atrocities.  One may, however, be pardoned for suspecting that the poster meant, instead, that those troublesome, competent Jews are always as morally repugnant as those who, incompetently, would try to murder every single Jew on Earth.
History, of course, demonstrates this:  during World War II, among other evil deeds, the Nazis murdered millions of innocent Jews, but those Jews also had their faults; some, for instance, would inconvenience their captors by dragging their feet on the way to gas chambers, or labour with less than optimum efficiency on their starvation diet, or rudely annoy gentle Nazis just by being very Jewish in a nice German location.  Clearly, in areas occupied by the Nazis, both murderers and victims committed some atrocities, and both sides should therefore be condemned by all right-thinking folk with exactly equal condemnation.
See also “That’ll Sell a Few Copies in Caulfield” by Prof. Bunyip.

UPDATE I (25 November):

UPDATE II (25 November):  a typical assessment (from last Sunday) by one of Australia’s leading exponents of hypocritical sanctimony:

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Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree with Mr. Jordan. Let us pray daily that atomic bombs be dropped on both their houses, preferably by themselves in the spirit of mutual self-righteousness. Rid the world of these unpleasant people and the world will be a better place.