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29 November, 2012

Are the Government’s Ministers Stupid?

Some Questions Answered

Are the government’s
ministers really stupid?
No, they are lying

in order to take
money from us and, they claim,
to stop us frying

from man-made global
warmth (though that very silly
conjecture’s dying

from an utter lack
of evidence—which doesn’t
stop the greens crying

that “carbon” must doom
the world).  Is weather worse?  No,
the gods are sighing.


Some Questions Are Left Alone

Julia Gillard
it seems, was a lazy, inept lawyer
but she never shirked

shagging thick, married
men who could help her climb to
the top; and it worked:

she still can’t tell right
from wrong, but she’s now the one
who gets to decide

(for her compliant
press) whether she and her mates
told the truth or lied.

The Power of Exes

Doctor Emerson
can read the PM’s mind!  He
says her true recall

of facts from twenty
years ago, though imperfect,
fully explains all:

she did nothing wrong,
he shrieks (and hereon you may
put great reliance),

always she was
only following orders
from wicked clients.

Try This Defence in Court

“I did nothing wrong,
and you can’t prove a thing; you
have my guarantees!

asserts the PM;
and her crooked ex-leman,
Bruce Wilson, agrees.  

Try saying in court,
“I acted as clients bade,
and I charged no fees

and can remember
no crime; I’m innocent, as
everyone sees!”

Would the day come soon
when she appears in court and
makes similar pleas. 


Past and Present

Julia Gillard
is as duplicitous now
as she was back then;

as crooked as her
many lies, and as rotten
as her taste in men.

Was she, perhaps, a
conned, guiltless victim?  No, it’s
too hard to believe

she was innocent

or that she was ever quite
so “young and naïve”. 

Anyway, a Possible Explanation

With such a record
of incompetence why won’t
Gillard get the boot?

She’d have much dirt on
colleagues or, perhaps, she was
a really good root.

documents would persuade her
cronies to stay mute

and, of course, many 
lucripetous lackeys wish
to share in the loot. 

UPDATE III (7 April, 2013):

Yeah, Trashing Marriages Doesn’t Make the PM a Trasher*

Even though she’s wrecked
marriages, she’s no wrecker;
“she hasn’t the looks”!

Right, appearances
are all. Let’s spurn the old saws
of covers and books.

Likewise, we’ll suppose
Gillard’s cronies are honest:
they don’t seem like crooks.

Appeti Est Percipi

The world is teeming

with unreason; we’re now in

the Age of Seeming:

from “climate change” to

the PM’s cleverness, true

believers believe:

no evidence will

change their set minds; it is as

if they are dreaming

that only they can

save the world, so facts are not

welcome; data grieve

them; they shut eyes and

ears to troublesome facts, and

feel it blaspheming

to mention what’s true.

Thus, Gillard’s toadies shout she

was young and naïve

when the thirty-two

year-old law-firm partner was

involved in scheming

to defraud and thieve.

Their reality is what

they want to perceive.

UPDATE III:  in response to public demand I removed a picture of the PM in favour of this:

*  originally posted as a comment at Catallaxy Files.
†  also originally posted, in a slightly different form, as a comment at Catallaxy Files.


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Would the blogger please stop including pictures of Jillard in his articles thank you. They make the reader ill.

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