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19 May, 2013

Labor’s Last-Ditch Lament

The Axes of Evil Cuts

With constant repetition
of tricks, conceits and tropes
we say the Coalition
is cutting all our hopes;

with sickles, scythes and axes,
with hammers, hoes and knobs,
they mean to cancel taxes,
and take away our jobs!

If the voters have a mind to turf us out of hand,
we’ll ensure we’ve left behind a devastated land.

You’ll see but ash and embers
or hear but one long groan,
“The Coalition members
reduce us to the bone!”

Our weary composition
of slogans and clichés
must stop the Opposition
determining our days.

One Member’s Trick*

Michelle Rowland has
a sick child; what does she do?
She calls for a pair.

(Were your child ill whilst
you were away from home, you
might want to be there.)

Michelle Rowland stayed
in the House to watch Gillard
shed fake tears.  What care!

*  posted, on 16 May, as a comment to a Catallaxy Files forum whence you may find further information and links anent the strange case of the duplicitous MP and the debilitated bairn.
†  see Andrew Bolt’s “Turning off Gillard’s tears” wherein he reveals that some journalists suggest that the PM wept real tears and did not, say, merely force out some superfluous bile; for instance, Michael Gordon, of The Age (of course), asserts that the PM’s teary performance was a “rare and clearly genuine display of emotion”; and see “Sunt lacrimae rerum” in “The Prime Minister Is a Liar”.

Ms Rowland failing to convince the PM to take her baby.

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