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10 May, 2013

A Hard-Earned Worst

The Best Cold Fear*

You could be setting up a shonky trust,
or helping to make the mining-boom bust;
you could be faking a “gay-marriage” row,
or breaking a vow… well, we’ve got it now!
A government that is our nation’s worst,
ever claiming an historical first,
needs a nice cold fear, and the best cold fear
is this:  industrial chaos is near
if the Coalition rule again here.

You could be inventing another tax,
and saying it’s one which each party backs
(claiming that the “levy” isn’t so dear);
you could be deferring a promised rise
by saying that right now one isn’t so wise!
A successful, scaremongering campaign
needs a nice cold, fearful, constant refrain,
and the best cold fear in this modern sphere
suggests that union reform’s very near.

You could be lying yet again that we
are in the world’s greatest economy
but still infected by the GFC;
but what will appear? It has to be clear
that a nice cold fear is clutching our rear,
hoping we’ll last if we scare and we smear
for the best cold fear is one which says we’re
lost if the Coalition persevere
in planning to stop corruption this year.

*  with thanks for some inspiration from Keagan Federici and the innocent Craig Thomson.  The words are partly based on those of a famed series of advertisements for a popular Australian beer.

the Australian PM with her customary glass of bile



Mark Bolton said...

"As a matter of fact we've got one now ...."

Captures the unctuous faux fair dinkumness of these toxic incompetents perfectly ..

Brilliant !

Tasiturn said...

You've got me in a rhyming mood:

Owed to Labor

‘Kevin Oh7’ – descended from heaven boasting the power to ‘help’,
But affirmative action - and a big union faction – did him over with barely a yelp!

Bill Ludwig watched “Four Corners” – and felt his knees go jerk,
So he banned the sale of cattle – putting farmers out of work.

Garrett “gives a Gonski” – elected because he rocks
But as for his “achievements” – he’d kill you all with shocks.

Roxon tried to kill free speech - and got an awful press,
But blames poor Tony Abbott – because she wears a dress.

Conroy blocked the Internet – a future “FILTER” CZAR,
A guy who wears red underpants - in places quite BIZARRE.

Milne’s in a mental wilderness – but still she pulls the strings,
and makes minority governments - do really SILLY things.

Shorten kills “Employment” – the Unions’ hidden paw,
Attends their National Conferences – and says to “Break the Law”.

“Swanny” has a problem - trying to manage money,
He keeps on seeing “SURPLUSES” – which all go down the dunny.

Penny Wong sings a song - of revenues “WRITTEN DOWN”,
But she’s the pup who WROTE ‘EM UP – Blimey, what a clown!

Tanya likes the camera – she thinks it makes her glow,
But will not talk of waiting lists – or other tales of woe.

Albo’s an “All Over” – in matters quite outspoken,
Usually with excuses for promises they’ve broken.

Brendon O’Connor, might be a “gonner” when the election is due,
Not the end of the line, he’ll do just fine – just don’t put him in charge of a queue.

Emerson - Cragie is a darling - with Julia once smitten,
Now he’s always at her side – just in case she’s Vegemitten!

Carr’s a former Premier, who arrived by parachute,
Discarded from the “Premier State” – from whence he got the boot.

Burke locks up the nation - waving windmills in the breeze,
And always there to help the Greens – do exactly what they please.

And the more we hear from Gillard, the more it reeks of farce,
And, as for more “REFORMS,” - they can stick ‘em.