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26 August, 2012

Two Transcripts—and Another

Many people, I have noticed, search this site for transcripts of Julia Gillard speaking last week or seventeen years ago.
An edited transcript, in The Australian, of the young and naïve Julia Gillard’s interview with Slater & Gordon partners, Peter Gordon and Geoff Shaw, can be found in “What Julia told her firm”.  For the media conference whereat the definitely older and supposedly wiser Julia Gillard suddenly pretended to provide full answers on the AWU scandal, the PM’s office supplies a “Transcript of Press Conference, Canberra”.
It may save time, however, if you just read this simple epitome of the PM’s defence:
“Shut up, you racist, misogynist nut-jobs,” she explained.
UPDATE I (26 November):  our crooked PM gave another spin session to stunned journalists today—her office supplies a “Transcript of Press Conference”—wherein the PM said:
you are talking about a contest here between me and Mr Blewitt, and you can work out who[m] you believe: the person who is standing here, Prime Minister of Australia who has done nothing wrong [unless, that is, you consider being an accomplice to fraud, committing perjury, obstructing justice, misprision of felony, and misleading Parliament wrong], or the man who says hes guilty of fraud and is looking for an immunity.  Work it out. 
Between the crook who makes a sworn statement to Police and the crook who refuses to answer questions in Parliament, and refers only to the evasive and deceptive spinning in a press conference, I for one choose the crook who makes a sworn statement to Police, obviously.

UPDATE II (3 July, 2013):  I regret that the bastards running the new PM’s office no longer provide the above-mentioned transcripts.  However, Alan R.M. Jones helpfully provides transcripts as well as a detailed commentary here and here.

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