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13 August, 2012

Some Light Relief

Rather than posting further details of the sordid past of our corrupt prime minister, for now, here’s some light relief in the form of a little, helpful epitome of Homer’s Iliad which I wrote (rather rapidly, in 2006) for a music forum and which I just found when jettisoning some old files.

The Iliad in a Nutshell

Achilles in a fit of pique will not fight for fellow Greek,
for Agamemnon, king of kings, took his girl (and other things).
Achilles now far from the fray, Trojans almost seize the day;
and the cause of all this strife?  Young Paris stole a fetching wife—
this occurred nine years before, and that’s how long they’ve been at war.
(There’s lots of other words, fighting, heroes, gods, and moonlighting.)
Patroclus, with Achilles’ shield, nearly makes the Trojans yield,
but Hector, mighty prince of Troy, fights and kills the headstrong boy.
Achilles now gets fighting mad, slaughters Hector, cries with dad.

(It’s The Odyssey, of course, wherein you’ll find the Wooden Horse.)

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