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23 June, 2012

A Song from Julia

It’s Cash for You*

It’s cash for you, folks, so you will vote for us.
There’s no need to make a fuss;
bribes are hardly new: it’s cash for you!

(It’s what we do!)

It’s great for you, folks, don’t lie awake all night;
don’t put a shining light on shit we threw—
that’s what we do: ever lie to you.

Cash for you, for skies must fall, and polar bears are few,
without this tax we’d be nowhere at all; put a price on C-O-2!

(It’s cash for you!)

It’s cash for you, so there can be a spring,
so you can hear the pollies sing who wouldn’t have a clue.
So it’s cash for you! It’s cash for you
from incompetents who will ever lie to you,
so it may not ring true from this rotten crew,
’cause we’re deep in poo, from all we do,
but there’s cash for you…

*  with apologies to Bob Dylan.

UPDATE I (27 June):  a mix of the song is added. 

UPDATE II (27 June):  a harder mix of the song—with more drums and more steel guitar—is added. 

UPDATE III (2 July):  I dashed off these lines in response to a comment on Tim Blair’s ’blog:

The dear beloved leader speaks for all
in tones which make the skin of pedants crawl;
but method lies beneath her gruesome speech:
to give, according to his needs, to each;
to bring about an earthly paradise,
and all by following the best advice
in Capital and other works from them
who ever theorize by apothegm.
It can’t be accidental, you will find,
that leaders want the people to be blind
to all the wicked, rotten things they do
but meekly take their bribes: ”It’s Cash for You!”

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