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19 December, 2011

“Rigid and Simplistic”

To kill or Not to Kill 

“Not killing—killing—it’s complicated;
but your western courts are over-rated,
for heathens must be assassinated
when such people have contaminated
newspapers with dreadful, illustrated,
things called ‘cartoons’.  Allah’s will has fated
such beasts to be well and truly hated
and then slain.  They must be castigated
by pious men, and defenestrated
or flogged to death or decapitated.
Your judges are too sophisticated
for us:  quibbles can’t be contemplated,
our faith must not be investigated;
therefore, they’re corrupt.  They’ve demonstrated
massive bias, and they’ve discriminated
against us with their foul, antiquated
creed that all views should be tolerated
with differences accommodated.
Infidels must be annihilated
but quite how soon has not been stated
by clerics.  The point must be debated:
to kill now or not—it’s complicated.”

See “Danish cartoon sparked fanatic’s plot to kill Aussie’, by Steve Lillebuen, in The Sydney Morning Herald
[Wissam Fattal] was infuriated by what many Muslims believed was an insulting, offensive depiction of the prophet Mohammed.  [...]  His religious beliefs became also become [sic] more rigid and simplistic.  [...]
The court ruled [that Fattal and two others] had no remorse and had never renounced their extremist beliefs.
On Friday, as they were all sentenced to 18 years with a minimum of 13 and a half years for their terrorist plans, their beliefs appeared to be as rigid as ever.
“This is corruption,” Fattal yelled as he shot up from the prisoners’ box when the judge entered the court.
“This is wrong.”  [...]  “Allah gives us justice,” he declared as he walked past the judge, “not these courts.”
Just over a year ago I wrote the following verses in response to the silly suicide bomber of Tim Blair’s “Stockholm Absorber”.

The Bomber’s Farewell

The murder and mayhem won’t cease

despite “the religion of peace”.

    The free West, by choice,

    will stifle its voice,

but terror attacks still increase.

You see, I have read The Koran
(that “murderer’s manual” for man):
    it says paradise

    for me will be nice;

I’Il have all the sex that I can.

I must slaughter paynim and Jews
(and apostates too, if I choose).

   I can’t, though, eat ham,
    say rules of Islam,
and I must stay clear of all booze.

For anarchist lads such as I

the Koranic rules will apply.

    A volatile vest
    says “nuts!” to the West,
as bolts send my nuts to the sky.

UPDATE (20 December) see Jihad Watch:

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