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21 November, 2011

“Psychic” Fails to Predict Her Own Conviction for Fraud

A clairvoyant who failed to foresee a conviction for benefit fraud has been ordered to pay back every penny of £33,000 she illegally claimed.
Self-styled Tarot reader and fortune-teller Dawn Pearson, 50, was uncovered as a benefits cheat after investigators realised she was being paid to carry out psychic consultations over the phone, a court heard.
The telephone charges were costing a fortune for her customers at £1.53 per minute, while Pearson was claiming benefits for being too ill to work.
(Thanks to The Crack Emcee of the Macho Response.)

See also ‘“Psychics” on Television’.

UPDATE (22 July, 2012):  see “‘Psychic'’ who brainwashed young women into stripping naked to ‘help them contact the dead’ is jailed for two years”, by Suzannah Hills, in The Daily Mail.

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