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16 October, 2011

Support Max Brenner

To support Max Brenner, and to oppose the wicked Jew-haters who call for boycotts of Brenner’s chocolate shops, you can shop at Max Brenner’s online store.

UPDATE I (17 October):  see “Occupy this...”, by Dan,  at RWDB – J F Beck. 

UPDATE II (19 October)see also  “More Anti-Semitism at Occupy Los Angeles” at Pajamas Media.

UPDATE III (22 October):  then, there’s this.

UPDATE IV (31 October):  see “How to boycott Israel properly”.

UPDATE V (13 December):  see “The Truth about ‘Palestinian’ Refugees”:

UPDATE VI (4 February, 2012 December):  see “Debunking the Palestinian Lie”:

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Mark Bolton said...

I will be spending up during my visit to Melbourne around Christmas.