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12 October, 2011

Deriding Conspiracy Theories

It Is Not a Conspiracy

The Chief Scientist stamps his feet and cries,
“It’s not a conspiracy!  It is not!
But there is a conspiracy of lies
to speculate that there is one.  For what
you must accept is how much I despise
the uncivil bastard who casts a lot
of nasty, false claims and dares criticise
my fellow scientists, saying they plot
when, with no thought of self, they analyse
their own biassed models and clearly spot
that there must be a catastrophic rise
of global warming.  Yes, it will get hot,
and only a barbaric man denies
that undoubted consensus which I got
by counting all those who hypothesise
as I do.  I shall never care a jot
for men who mock, doubt, jeer or scepticise.
It’s not a conspiracy!  It is not!”

See also “Not a Conspiracy”.

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