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but veridicous accounts
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23 July, 2011

Taking the Doggerel for a Drunken Dance

Tim Blair invited readers to compose sentences which included words prohibited by Iranian censors:  kiss, beloved, wine, drunk, pork, dance, dog and meditation.  I submitted these verses:
When my beloved kisses me it’s like I’m drunk on wine,
but when she dances with her dogs my thoughts are not benign;
and meditations turn to pork when she and pigs entwine,
my kisses should be on her lips, but pets’ are not so fine. 
I then made another attempt:
“O dirty dog, thou art drunk with wine.
kiss your beloved, don’t dance with thine;
dance with camels or even with kine,
never with women—that’s out of line!”
I’d almost made an abjuration
and thus deserved the exhortation
from an imam who will dance with swine
but never eats pork—we must decline—;
he gave me for an explanation:
“fit beasts, not pork, aid meditation.”
 UPDATE:  slightly altered since both submissions eventually appeared.