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01 June, 2011

Let’s All Jump Together

An exhortation*

Cate Blanchett:  “Come on, you people,
let us all bravely jump out
of this aeroplane!”

Other Passengers:  “But we shall die!”  Cate:  “Tush!
You can do it if I can;
it won’t hurt a bit!”

Other Passengers:  “That’s all very well
for you to say because you
have a parachute!”

Fairfax and the ABC:  “Shut up, hateful slobs!
Those with parachutes also
have a right to speak.”
Our Darling Cate, relaxing at home
Our Beloved Leader, calming the masses

Criticism is so hurtful 

Cate’s imploring us
to say ‘Yes’ to a new tax
to ruin us all.

Gillard has the hide
to tax carbon dioxide:
that’s just suicide.

The artistic Cate
supports the ruling party:
how adventurous!

Here’s her argument:
“It’s for the environment!
Back the Government!”

*  A very slightly recast comment by MediaWatcher, Wed 01 Jun 11 (10:39), at Tim Blair’s blog.


Deadman said...

Luminescent Cate
in that Tim Tam ad was great,
I vociferate;

she plays a fine belle,
and I quite liked her as well

as Galadriel.

Cate is horrified
by some potshots from the side;
how dare folk be snide!

I too have the right,
however, in this wee fight,
to say she speaks shite.

Deadman said...

Posted to Bishop Hill:

Alas for poor Cate
some commenters are irate.
She moans, “Why the hate?”

Perhaps I can explain:
the plebs dislike, in the main,
patrician disdain.

When a movie star
says “only I need a car”,
then she’s gone too far.

She cheerfully flies
far more than those she’ll chastise,
and backs Gillard’s lies.

In short, then, for me,
her pressing fault must be
her hypocrisy.

Deadman said...

I forgot to say
Cate’s cameo was cool in
“Hot Fuzz”, a great film.