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Occasionally adding corroborative details to add verisimilitude to otherwise bald and unconvincing,
but veridicous accounts
with careful attention, indefatigable assiduity, and nice discrimination.

17 June, 2011

Cents and Sensibility

Coins on the Floor

If I saw dropped cents,
how many times would I scoop
up a coin? Plenty,

when I was a lad
(ones, twos, fives, I’d grab ’em all—
the wont was

but you know that you’re
growing old when you won’t stoop
down for a twenty.

Now, with a bad back,
I must leave coins where they fall—
even that fifty.

in alteris verbis

Manete nummi,
ego vos relinquam, ne
laedar a vobis.

[Stay where you are, coins;
I leave you on the ground lest
I be hurt by you.]

It Always Comes Back to Politics

Now, I’ll be accused
of conservatism for
a dislike of change.

when things are so screwed, might be

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