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06 February, 2014

On Anti-Pedantry

The Toolbox
Whether cutting jew’ls,
wood, rugs or verse, good workers
must know all their tools’

customs; tongues have rules
too—which will guide the learnèd
as they order fools.*

A Test

If you have a mind
you can prove anti-pedants’

for I have designed
a quick test: misspell their names

and you will soon find
some laws are good. Try spelling
“Stephen” with a v;

he won’t be so kind,
I warrant, to those who would feel
that convention-free.

Douglas Bader: “Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men.”
†  these verses (in slightly different form) were originally posted as a comment, at Catallaxy Files, on a rant by Stephen Fry against grammatical pedantry.

UPDATE:  I added what is now the last verse.

UPDATE III added this:

A Message

I, for one, delight
in seeing our wonderful
language used quite well;

yet we may enjoy
the ‘cool web’ of English and,
at the same time, tell

this Stephen Fry cove,
“Precision does have a place.
You can go to hell.” 

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