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03 July, 2013

Another Stunt

The sequence of events is this:  Hon. Edham Nurredin Husic, of Bosniak Muslim heritage, though not a practising Muslim, is sworn in as a Minister of the Crown using a copy of The Qur’an belonging to his father (the same one he used when he was sworn in as a Member of the House of Representatives without much subsequent commentary); the Governor-General, famous for loving the pomp and trappings of her office without bothering to ensure that Australians have a good, competent federal government, expresses her delight in Mr. Husic’s stunt as “a great day for multiculturalism”; people—including Labor’s paid trolls, assuredly—write comments on Mr. Husic’s Facebook page which are defined as abusive and demeaning by our predominantly compliant media; those media fools, ever willing to be Labor stooges, ask various ministers to express their outrage at such a woeful display of bigotry; Mr. Husic says fine, calming words and is praised throughout the media for his gracious forbearance; consequently, the media ignore the increase of the stupid “carbon” tax and other egregious examples of our government’s lamentable incompetence.
Much of the “abuse of Husic” and the subsequent controversy, I warrant, originated from the same tricksters who confected menugate.

UPDATE I:  hoping to demonstrate his fitness for office, our new Prime Minister attempts yet one more stunt:

UPDATE II:  on a not wholly irrelevant note, see “Twitter Censors Exposed!” by Will Dallas Brooks:
Death-threats, censorship, filtering, honey traps and account tampering:  Twitter is in the thick of an alleged scam to end political debate in Australia.  Now, in a stunning admittance, key players forcing Twitter to censor political debate in Australia, have exposed themselves in an audacious display on, of all things, Twitter.
After weeks of canvassing Ministers, Government and Opposition MPs and a main-stream media that is less than interested, our on-line campaign to end Twitter censorship lead to one Independent MP to address the matter with the Government—and then being told by a Government Twitter agent how and what to ask to avoid getting the answer!
UPDATE III:  one story buried by the mainstream media’s concern over impolite posters on social media was the handing down of a report of the final report of the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry by Justice Carmody; see “Heiner Affair: Carmody Says Labor Covered Up Child Sex, PM to Be Charged”, by the righteously persistent Will Dallas Brooks:
The Heiner Affair has been etched into the Australian psyche:  it involves allegations of criminal conduct at the highest levels of Australian government, even Constitutional stewardship.  Caught in the nebulous orbit of the nefarious matter sits successive Queensland Premiers, Chief Justices, a serving Prime Minister and a serving Governor-General.  The latter two being the highest positions in Australian government.
On Monday, Tim Carmody handed down his report:  it has received almost no media coverage, has appeared on only one radio program, but it is, without doubt, the most contentious report ever handed down on Government since Federation in 1901.
Carmody makes clear that those stewards, those at the very apex of Australian Government, be prosecuted for the willful destruction of documents with the express purpose of covering-up the pack rape of a fourteen year old girl, a ward of the state, in the 1980s.  […]
Labor must be held account; it is the only political party in Australian history to have so many convicted paedophiles in its ranks—and [it has led] the only Governments to have so outrageously and blatantly [conspired to] cover up these heinous crimes against children.  It is a political party that has found itself at the centre of the biggest corruption scandal in western democratic history, anywhere, ever.

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Gab said...

Interesting read, Deadman. Had not considered the Husic attacks a stunt but it does make sense given the party of "whatever it takes" to score some points and deflect away from Rudd's "War on Indonesia by Abbott". You'd think I'd learn from their race riot fiasco.
PS. Missing you over at the Cat.