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08 June, 2013

Nearing the Downfall

The Incompetent PM and Her Odd Lack of Support

Within her bunker,
the PM, who promised
“no ‘carbon’ tax”, broods,

and wonders why she’s
hated, and why her party’s
so riven by feuds,

when she’s so superb.
(She and her lackeys want to

proscribe attitudes


servile; and then they’ll try to

ban sweet, tasty foods.

Led by a moll famed
for having had multiple

flings with married dudes,

our inept, rotten
government consists of
censorious prudes.)

Mystified by her
unpopularity, our
Dear Leader concludes

she’ll change naught.  Inside
her bunker, reality
at no time intrudes.

UPDATE (18 June):

Stultifera Navis

As Gillard flounders deep in pools
of tears, complaining that her mules
in caucus are bereft of tools
whilst shrieking that she’ll fund State schools,
K. Rudd won’t chose between two stools
but, undecided, sits and drools.
And all this while the planet cools.
Come, all aboard the ship of fools!

UPDATE II (20 June):

Scylla aut Charybdis

Labor has a simple choice:
the cloying or the strident voice;
the barking Tearer of the shore,
the certain Sucker of before;
but, he or she, each option must
produce for voters more disgust.
Charybdis, Scylla, either one
ensures for years the party’s done.

See “It’s Mr Arsenic or Ms Old Lace”, by Nikki Savva, for an assessment of the two likely leaders of the Parliamentary Labor Party:
Rudd is an evil control freak who betrayed his own side during the 2010 election, was a bad-tempered prime minister who treated underlings, ministers and senior public servants with contempt, and couldn’t deliver anyway.
Gillard is stubborn, refuses to heed advice or accept responsibility for mistakes, uses her gender as a crutch, then when she has to make a call it’s invariably the wrong one.  Other than that, she’s a nice person.
UPDATE III (20 June):  a slightly rewritten response (to a criticism of my describing the Labor caucus as “bereft of tools”) by Huckleberry Chunkwot at Catallaxy Files:

You must avoid the big red box!

The caucus is a paradox:
so soft of purpose, hard as rocks,
it gives but cannot take hard knocks;
though not right-thinking, orthodox,
it forces gloom on callow flocks
of how the “carbon” bomb tick-tocks;
prescribing keys but banning locks;
it’s full of—but bereft of—cocks.

UPDATE IV (16 July):  her caucus colleagues finally approved of having their rotten PM removed.

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