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16 April, 2013

ALP Advertisements Attack Abbott Anonymously

I sent an e-mail this morning to Senator the Hon. Lin Thorp:
Today I received by mail an advertising flyer […]
Since you authorised this material, please tell me who paid for this advertisement and whether you spent taxpayers’ money on the production and mailing thereof.  The Australian Labor Party is not mentioned on the flyer and it features no explanation that you are a Labor senator; why?  Furthermore, the advertisement contains no evidence for its startling assertions; do you have any proof that, for instance, a government led by Mr. Abbott will “cut more than $600 million from Tasmania’s economy every year to give to wealthy mining states”?

I shall publish any response I receive.

UPDATE I:  I visited the recommended Facebook page which, astonishingly, reveals that it is an ALP site only on the “About” page:


UPDATE II:  Dacka’s Razor reminds us that senior members of the present Government seem to be too timorous to identify themselves as Labor MPs on their own websites; see “So, which party are you from again?

UPDATE III (25 April) some supporters are happy to put their names to the sort of Abbott-bashing wherein an allegation, without substance, without a witness, and without credibility, constitutes truth.  For such people, any assertion by Julia Gillard that she did no wrong (when she was a “young and naîve”, say, in her ’thirties) must be believed, despite all the evidence to the contrary, but any assertion against Tony Abbott must be believed, despite all the evidence to the contrary.  The formula for such people, perhaps, could be something like this:
To accuse Tony Abbott, without evidence, proves that he is wicked.

To accuse the PM, with evidence, proves that Tony Abbott is wicked.

UPDATE IV (25 April):  many Abbott-haters also hate to lose an opportunity to sledge their bogey-man; in “Amphlett, a hero always”, a sort of eulogy of the late Chrissy Amphlett, Christine Croydon, a “local playwright”, finds imagined, gratuitous fault with Tony Abbott and slightly praises our prime minister: 
[Amphlett’s] fierce, upfront sexuality was also hugely appealing to young women, although it did some men’s heads in (no doubt her performances would have disturbed Tony Abbott and his ilk).  As a result she was often labelled damaged goods and dismissed.
To be the first when there is no script, whether art or politics, is a hard call.  Julia Gillard has faced many challenges as our first female PM and although sexy and dangerous is not going to work for her, she, too, has needed to create a persona as a bulletproof vest to achieve what she believes in.  [sic]
As far as I can determine, the PM “believes in” the lucripetous gaining of maximal pelf as well as the clutching and prolongation of corruptly obtained power, for as long as possible, at any cost.

UPDATE V (5 May):  Abbott-haters can’t perceive inconsistent cant in their demonising and fearfully hating a man whom they accuse of demonising and fearfully hating:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

great find there, it's amazing the amount of Labor connections to supposedly grass roots movements.

I recently wrote a blog post on senior ALP ministers that neglect to mention the ALP or include the ALP logo / branding on their personal websites @

This is normal form for Left. Remember the very obvious connection between the union movement and the protests at Alan Jones?

The admins for the Destroy the Joint Facebook page were ALL union related, yet they attempted to say it had nothing to do with supporting Gillard's attempt at gender war.

I often wonder if people truly understand the lengths that this mob will undertake to try and pull the wool over the eyes of a public that is easily led by the nose on so many important topics.

Sad really that people don't automatically question the motives behind people setting up these types of pages and sites.