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21 July, 2012

“Depart, I Say, and Let Us Have Done with You”

ὦ μῖσος, ὦ μέγιστον ἐχθίστη γύναι
θεοῖς τε κἀμοὶ παντί τω’ ἀνθρώπων γένει.
—Euripides, Medea, 1323-24.*

She Has Sat Too Long

Gillard is a bold
but incompetent liar,
corrupt to the core—

so one would believe
from the PM’s refusal
to explain her acts

when she helped her old
leman defraud his union—;
but Gillard cries, “Poor

me, young and naïve!”
She must forgo feigned surprise,
and give us some facts:

she must clarify
just how much she knew, and when,
and how much she took;

and she must say why
we have a PM who is
such a rotten crook.

See “Serious Questions for Gillard: Still No Answers”, by Larry Pickering, as well as his “Gillard: the Story She Tried to Kill” and his “Doth the Lady Protest Too Much”; listen to Alan Jones and Michael Smith discuss the Prime Minister and the AWU; and see also “A Story You May Not Read” and “Another Story You May Not Read” (which contains scanned pages of a Statutory Declaration of Robert Kernohan).

*  Jason: “O, hated one!  O, most detested of women—
   by the gods, by me, and by the whole race of men!”

UPDATE I:  see “The Wilson scandal: now the Cambridge affidavit”, by Andrew Bolt. 

UPDATE II:  meanwhile, Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott have announced that the PM whom they supported must remain in the position lest they be upset and take their pensions and go home.

The Two Queen-making Berks

Oakeshott and Windsor
are silly, arrogant, and
two peas in a pod.

They foisted on us
a bad, corrupt government
which seems rather odd

for two idiots
who are always blethering
about just how well

Oakeshott and Windsor
have improved democracy
and how they excel.

Nonetheless, despite
their constant, self-serving praise,
the standards have not

improved in the House—
it hardly could when it has
Windsor and Oakeshott.

Now they have bellowed
that any attempt to sack
the Prime Minister

and reinstall Rudd
has to be deemed by then as
highly sinister.

Oakeshott and Windsor
would very much rather bring
down the Parliament

than think adequate
administrations occur
without their consent. 

They spare little time
from all their big-noting for
any reflection.

Bring it on, morons;
can’t you tell that wise people
want an election?
UPDATE III (22 July):  seeJulia Gillard’s Former Lover and Fraudster Bruce Wilson Found by Mike Smith”, by the ever forthright Shane Dowling, at Kangaroo Court of Australia.

UPDATE IV (23 July):  at Quadrant Online, Tony Thomas provides a transcription of the Alan Jones and Michael Smith interview.

UPDATE V (19 August):  see many links and updates at Gillard and ‘False-assertions’”.

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