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27 May, 2012

A Song for Thommo

Just Another*

Here come our member, who’s been beaten up rightly,
with a bad complexion, and some poor excuses;
see, there goes one who’s full of sleaze—
when you are a pollie you can do as you please…

That credit-cardster, he has Visa, Diners
and a MasterCard, plus the CabCharge vouchers;
he’ll say, “Someone stole my whole ID—
had to be a fraudster who must look just like me!”
Just another, unwise, corrupt MP.

He needs a kicking, with a steel-cap work-boot,
who spent too much money on expensive hookers;
he’ll say, “Some call-girls might lie for fee,
nonetheless I tell you that they’ve never met me!”
Just another, unmasked, corrupt MP.

He needs our pity for he’s feeling poorly,
he’s got spirochætes in his spinal column;
he got shakes and tremors in his knees—
look at this here X-ray, you can see the disease.
Just another, unclean, corrupt MP.

Oh, just another…  Yeah…

*  the tune is not completely dissimilar to that of “Come Together” (by John Lennon & Paul McCartney, from The Beatles’ album, Abbey Road).

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Anonymous said...

Ha.Ha. Send it to that guy that does Michael Smiths vid's. I like the steel cap boots bit too- very unionish.
MT Isa Miner