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17 April, 2012

‘Everyday’ and ‘Every Day’, Again

I sent the following message (recycled from an earlier e-mail to Yakult) to Segway:
You say, inter alia, “Earth Day is April 22.  At Segway, It’s Everyday!” That should be “Earth Day is April 22. At Segway, It’s Every Day!” You also make the same error, I note, in other press releases.
The word “everyday”—meaning mundane or commonplace—is not the same as the adverbial phrase “every day”—meaning each day.  The difference is only one small space, but that space is important; after all, there is a huge difference between sometime and some time, between allspice and all spice, between anyway and any way, between atone and at one, between atop and a top, between nodose and no dose, or between commonplace and common place.
I know that, to many, this distinction seems petty but, as a supporter of your fine products, I should rather that potential customers not be so discomfited by catachreses in your products’ marketing as to believe that your products’ engineering might also suffer from a similar but dangerous inattention to detail.
The Segway Team replied (only a few hours later):
Thank you for taking the time to point out this oversight.  We take full responsibility for the error and have corrected where it is possible to do so. 
The Segway Team were not just being polite; they did correct the error.
One day, I suppose, I should explain the folly of believing that “greenhouse gases” pose any danger to the environment.  “Earth Day”, a rather silly, environmentalist holy day, is celebrated on Vladimir Lenin’s birthday.

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